Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity tests determine if a man is in fact the biological father of a child through DNA material. Colorado DNA Service has been performing fast, accurate and confidential DNA Testing Services since 1997. We have convenient offices nationwide.

Colorado DNA’s paternity test results are highly accurate and court admissible. Results can be used as evidence for child support, child custody, birth certificate issues, and other cases.

What is Paternity Testing?

  • Determination of the Biological Father:
    To determine if a person is the biological father, through DNA paternity testing of the alleged father and child.
  • Determination of Grand Parentage:
    To identify biological grandparents or siblings.
  • Determination of Blood Relatives
    Proving that two people are blood relatives, especially for immigration purposes.
  • Legal Second Opinion:
    For those who have received inconclusive results from other DNA paternity testing methods or labs and wish to seek a second opinion.

Why Choose Colorado DNA for Paternity Testing?

  • Accurate Results:
    Our DNA tests eliminate the chance of false negatives or false positives. If the DNA of the alleged father and the child matches, the probability that the alleged father is the biological father is typically 99.99%
  • Easy:
    The DNA testing collection process is simple and non-invasive. We simply swab the inside lining of the cheek to obtain a specimen. The DNA in cheek cells is the same as DNA in other parts of the body so it’s not necessary to draw blood to achieve accurate results.
  • Fast Results:
    Paternity test results take an average of three business days. Many other companies take as long as two weeks for the same DNA testing results.
  • Economical:
    Call us today for about our payment plans on DNA tests.
  • Accredited:
    AABB & NFSTC accredited results.
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